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September 2016

10 Clever Ways To Add Value To Your Home

As a homeowner I’m sure you will have asked yourself “how do I add value to my property?”. We’re all conscious of the typical routes one might take, including renovations and even extensions however there are a few other less obvious treatments you could consider and which we’ve identified through our own efforts when it comes to adding value to the properties we’ve worked on.

As follows are some ways of adding value to your property:

Go Green
Many people have increased the value of their home whilst also saving living costs by installing solar panels. Despite our typically terrible weather the UK does see a fair amount of sunlight and so if you’re looking to be environmentally friendly, save on your energy bills and increase the value of your property solar panels might be the answer.


Loft Conversion
Expanding into the loft can provide your home with an extra bedroom, playroom or office and is likely to deliver a decent return on investment.

New Kitchen
Many buyers will look for an attractive, hygienic functioning kitchen with modern appliances. If your kitchen doesn’t meet that description you can expect that a buyer would want a discount which they’d likely want applied to the entire house.

En-suite Bathroom
If you don’t already have one off the master bedroom, an en-suite bathroom can certainly add value to your home.


If you’re fortunate enough to have garden space and don’t mind losing a portion of it, adding in a conservatory increases the size of your home and will boost the value.

Interior aesthetics
As mentioned in the kitchen section, a buyer is more likely to invest more of their hard-earned capital into a property if the entire place is pleasing to the eye. We recommend speaking to interior design companies like Boxer & Brown who can advise on styles for your home whilst also sourcing affordable luxury items.

In the following section we’ve identified a few unique things to look for when buying a home and which are likely to give your new property a good chance of increasing in value over the years.

Location, Location, Location
When searching for a new home always bear in mind your surroundings. Living near upmarket high street brands and even popular sporting venues is a plus, as is proximity to a good school, transport links and even good pubs.


Famous Circles
Living in a home that was previously owned or lived in by a famous name is likely to appeal to some buyers, even more so if there’s a plaque on the exterior that ensures everyone knows!

Room with a View
We all love a good view, perhaps because living in London it’s difficult to find one but if you can then your new property has something that most don’t and so you can expect that buyers might pay a premium for that in the future.

This may sound ridiculous but adding ivy or wisteria to the front of your house could make it significantly more appealing and thus increase it’s value over time.

There you have it, our two cents on how best to increase the value of your property. At Luxe Property Group we love talking London property and developments. Sign up to our newsletter below or arrange a coffee with a member of our friendly team by emailing or calling us on 020 7383 8042.

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How The Night Tube Will Impact London Property

After months of toing and froing, countless setbacks and enough strikes to make the late, great Bob Crow proud, the night tube has finally landed in London. August 19th marked the day in which London caught up with its metropolitan rivals New York and Berlin and answered the prayers of many a night owl, shift-worker or anyone taking a night flight back into a London airport and not having to re-mortgage for the price of a cab fare home. Indeed it’s been a tremulous process to get to this stage and doubtlessly some will still have their reservations, but for those looking to buy or sell in the suburbs, your ship has just come in.

Leading estate agents Savills have found that the strongest performing station which is to be serviced by the new night tube over in zone 2 is Oval. In the past two years alone house prices have increased an astounding 53 per cent. While it remains most widely associated with its famous cricket ground, the area of Oval is idyllic in its own way with rows of tall, smart Victorian houses and lots of greenery in between. Once the Northern line service is extended to run through the night it is expected that this already desired part of Kennington will appeal to even more first time buyers and those priced out of zone 1 postcodes.


However, if south of the river isn’t really your thing, then it’s worthwhile checking out the more modest, modern and affordable homes of North Acton. On average, the houses over in this particular patch of west London are smaller than those in Oval, but this of course balances out in terms of cost. While there are the odd streets of Victorian architecture, the majority of houses in this area were built in the thirties and still retain that elegant grandeur. The real deal breaker however is that once the Elizabeth line of the Crossrail network is completed, North Acton will receive direct lines to the city and the west end from Acton Main Line, as well as access to the night tube via the Central Line. With a profile like that, we could start to expect big things from this zone two town.

Over in the east the London love affair with Hackney continues to flourish, as does its housing situation. In the aftermath of the 2012 Olympics, Loughton is fast becoming the dish of the day with its array of open spaces ranging from the Hackney marshes to the Lea Valley and the nearby Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the impressive Ofsted approved schools and a revival of high streets. In terms of housing itself, prices for one of Leyton’s elegant Victorian homes have risen by 63 per cent in the last 2 years. It looks like one of the last stops on the central line is about to cement itself as one of the most desirable.

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