How To Make The Most Of Smaller Living Spaces

How To Make The Most Of Smaller Living Spaces

How To Make The Most Of Smaller Living Spaces

The requirement to efficiently optimise living space is more essential than ever. With property prices continuing to rise across the UK, particularly in central urban areas, people find themselves having to compromise on space or relocate outwards to more affordable but less convenient locations. Whilst the prospect of downsizing may not be particularly attractive, with a little creativity, it is possible to create more from less.


Apartments in period properties, originally designed as single houses prior to being carved into multiple units, can often feature inefficient layouts with antiquated wall structures. Although costly, it is possible to significantly increase the liveable square footage of an apartment in such a property by upgrading to modern wall structures, such as steel load-bearing supports. These consume much less space and offer the opportunity to go back to the drawing board, so to speak, and design more efficient layouts.


Creative walls, seats & storage:

Mastering efficient storage solutions in small rooms is crucial to maximising liveable space. Think outside the box. There are a vast array of approaches and techniques that can be implemented, each with their own merits. Choosing the right one for you depends on your space, however, you can search social sites such as Pinterest and Instagram for potentially suitable, unique storage concepts and general inspiration.

Consider integrated wall storage as it removes the requirement for standalone furniture such as drawers. Leaving the shelves open-fronted can increase the feeling of space, adding depth and character, however, avoid cramming every shelf otherwise it will appear cluttered and cramped. Every item requires careful consideration and purpose within the room. If it doesn’t add anything in a positive way, it shouldn’t be there.

Clever seating is another approach that is becoming increasingly popular amongst interior designers. By positioning a dining table near a wall, you can install a fitted bench with integrated storage against the wall; much more efficient use of space than traditional chairs and visually keeps things looking a lot tidier. This is a great option for smaller open plan kitchen/living rooms as it avoids the dining table straying across the room.

You could also explore more ‘out there’ ideas, such as surrounding doorframes with shelves. The trick is to highlight areas of ‘dead space’ and bring them to life with a little creativity.

In general, use of clever multipurpose furniture and fitted storage units removes the requirement for storage-specific furniture, which traditionally consumes a significant amount of floor space.


Light & Mirrors:

Maximise natural light and use neutral tones and light colours where possible to create a more spacious feel. Consider swing-arm sconces or wall-mounted uplighters. The former removes the requirement for table lamps (or even having side tables altogether) whilst the latter reflect lights off the ceiling, appearing to expand the space.

There are endless ways in which mirrors can be used to increase the perception of the size of a room. For example, installing a mirror the same size and shape as a door against a wall can give the impression of a doorway into an entirely different room. In small bathrooms, mirrored tiles can similarly dramatically increase the apparent size of the room. As with storage, there are plenty of online resources offering inspiration, so do some research and don’t be afraid to get creative.

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