What’s Trending in the Kitchen in 2017

What’s Trending in the Kitchen in 2017

What’s Trending in the Kitchen in 2017

 The kitchen is the heart of the home. A place where families come together at the end of a long day and friends are always welcome. Just as with other rooms in our homes, kitchens also follow ever-changing interior design trends. Changes in our lifestyle and various movements in other aspects of our lives (fashion, health, etc…), in turn, drive changes within the home. Read on for our list of what’s cooking in the world of kitchen interior design so far this year.

Darker Tones

This is a trend we’re seeing throughout the home in 2017. Darker hues, such as Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year for 2017, ‘Shadow’, are proving really popular. People are experimenting, with great success, as they look beyond the realm of neutral colours.

Natural Stone

Greater focus on, and use of, natural materials is another popular trend within the home so far this year. In the kitchen, solid stone work-surfaces, stone veneer fronted cupboards and drawers, and natural stone flooring are increasingly fashionable. Interior designers are moving away from all-white kitchens to deliver texture, depth and character.


Timber finishes are also growing in popularity in the kitchen, with a focus on mid-toned, textured wood, as opposed to the lighter tones harnessed by the likes of IKEA in the past. Wood creates a more natural look and feel, adding warmth, texture and character when used correctly.


Continuing with the natural theme, another trend we’re seeing more and more in the kitchen this year is the introduction of plant life. This can be anything from a miniature herb garden to large-scale hanging/green wall. The health benefits are unquestionable, with plants creating cleaner air whilst reducing stress and increasing happiness. Why not give it a go? It’s easy and affordable. A bit ofgreenery can transform the kitchen.

Healthy Cooking

Awareness around health and wellness in recent years has increased hugely. This new-found consciousness has had an impact on interior design throughout the home, including the kitchen. Increasingly health-conscious individuals are now looking to integrate healthy cooking appliances, such as steamers and pressure cookers. Miele, for example, released an integrated pressure cooker recently, which has proved very popular. Expect more and more focus around healthy eating appliances this year.

Designated ‘Zones’

Interior designers are being increasingly asked to include designated areas within kitchens, such as ‘coffee zones’. These consist of an area dedicated to integrated coffee makers plus all the added necessities for coffee lovers to make the perfect cup for themselves or their guests.

Wine is also being used as a focal feature, with some people even backlighting their selection of bottles for visual effect. Showing off your rack is on the up.

Open fronted storage

One final trend, which we touched on in a previous article, ‘How to make the most of smaller living spaces’, is that of open-fronted cupboards. This increasingly popular approach to storage in the kitchen allows people to show off their cookware. Provided your cupboards aren’t full to the brim, it can also increase the feeling of space whilst adding character. This is worth exploring in more rustic/natural kitchens whilst for modern kitchens we recommend considering the natural materials mentioned above.

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