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March 2017


Spring Clean: De-cluttering and Maximising Storage Space

 The beginning of spring often produces an urge to refresh and update living spaces. After a long, stuffy winter there is an overwhelming amount of satisfaction that can occur from spring clean, but often the whole process can feel quite daunting. With a little bit of de-cluttering and a little more maximising storage space, a spring clean can give your property a mini interior design facelift, a perfect way to begin the warmer months.

De-cluttering – should I keep it?

When it comes to de-cluttering there are definitely a few sure-fire questions that should be asked, besides the classic yet tricky to answer, “do I need this?” Often a good way to be honest and decide whether something is worth keeping is to ask yourself when you last used something. Or, to consider if you’d bring said thing with you if were to move.

Target Areas

Although we’re all guilty of getting a little bit overexcited and going full force with the spring clean, it’s better to combat specific areas to improve. Instead of deciding to de-clutter the whole kitchen, why not try to start with just the pots and pans or the pantry.


Make the most of the bits and bobs you have decided to de-clutter. Consider reinventing the clutter into something you useful or an attractive feature. For example, up-cycling an old pair of mugs into an herb garden, or antique books into a knife holder. Alternatively, selling your unwanted things is an easy way to make your spring clean profitable.


Maximising Storage

By maximising storage spaces in your property you can give your house a spring clean without necessarily having to get rid of anything. This is especially important for efficiently optimising smaller living spaces.

Clever Shelving

By thinking outside the box with shelving you can create space, helping to reduce clutter. Using the area around the doorway is a great way to make use of ‘dead space’ and also works well as a beautiful design feature – crockery or old books would work well for this. Shelving appliances above each other also creates space – consider shelving the dryer above the washing machine instead of side by side.


Wall space

Making use of wall space this spring is a brilliant way to reduce clutter around the house. Picture your counter top without all those spices, herbs, and utensils in containers, and instead make use of the kitchen wall space by using a hanging spice rack and a bar to hang your spatula set from.

Under The Stairs

Interior designers are always developing innovative ways to create beautiful features and storage spaces. Consider renovating the space underneath your staircase this spring with a desk and drawers, or a seat with a bookcase, an inspired way to remove clutter and spring clean your property.


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