3 Creative Tips for a City Garden

 3 Creative Tips for a City Garden

 3 Creative Tips for a City Garden

The sun shining outside may have got you in the mood to spend some time pottering around outdoors trying your hand at gardening, but, like many London residents, garden space is often limited. However, at Luxe Property Group we don’t think that should be reason enough to deter a city dweller from developing the outdoor spaces they do have access to, rather, we see it as an opportunity to get a little more creative with gardening.

Window Boxes

Luxury property developers understand the importance of a beautiful exterior; it’s a paramount feature for a property to leave a lasting first impression. Window boxes may seem like an obvious way to add some garden to a property that may lack outdoor space, but there are a few creative ways to go the extra mile. Building your own window box with a nesting box feature is a great way to create a habitat for wildlife that is not always feasible in a smaller city garden. Doubling up boxes outside your window also gives you more space to garden with, consider a smaller box on the ledge and then layering up by mounting a larger box to the wall underneath.

Hanging Boxes

Hanging boxes are a great way to get creative with your gardening. Instead of taking up any important patio or lawn space, planting flowers in boxes and hanging them on a spare wall, the porch and ceiling space can create a beautifully decorated plot. Using old cake tins and tin cans to plant flowers in, is a wonderfully environmentally friendly way to give this a quirky look.


Table Boxes

If you only have a balcony that just manages to squeeze on a table and a couple of chairs, table boxes are a creative way to add some gardening to your property – they work beautifully both inside and outside. Filling a box with your favourite floral makes for a great dining table centrepiece or works well placed on top of a side table.

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