The Benefits of Appointing a Block Management Agency

The Benefits of Appointing a Block Management Agency

The Benefits of Appointing a Block Management Agency

In November 2015, Luxe Property Group launched a block management department in London. Ever since, we have been creating individually tailored approaches for our clients to tackle the daily demands of block management, offering everything from ground rent collection to organising cleaners for communal areas. No matter the size of the block, hiring a management agency offers a plethora of benefits, which ultimately outweigh the fees that leaseholders have to bear. Here is what we think are the most crucial advantages of appointing block management services.

Organisation and the Boring Stuff

By appointing a block management company, like Luxe Property Group, you are choosing professionals with extensive experience in organising the maintenance of premises. This means diligent timetables for redecoration and repairs, as well as, an organised approach to collecting fees. Block management agents are also responsible for the boring and time-consuming administration required, saving occupants from this arduous task.

Objective Viewpoint

Hiring block management services eliminates difficulties that can arise between occupants. They are able to offer an impartial perspective when assessing what, and if, work needs to be done, having only in mind the upkeep of the premises. Furthermore, any disputes that may ensue can be dealt with without involvement of any personal discrepancies between neighbours, landlords and leaseholders. At Luxe Property Group, our block management department also takes full responsibility for collection of service and ground rent charges, alleviating any tension this can cause.

Insurance Requirements

Block management companies also possess fidelity insurance cover. This is a huge advantage in comparison to self-regulation of funds because it protects the client funds from act of dishonesty. Block management agencies often also possess further insurance to protect client funds from incompetence and careless acts – giving occupants added security.

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