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5 Tips To Successfully Invest In UK Buy-To-Let Property

Entering the world of property investment can be a daunting task. Whilst many people aspire to make their fortunes through investment in bricks and mortar, first they must have a full understanding of what’s involved whilst clearly defining their objectives before they begin. Buy-to-let investments are one aspect of property investment that are currently performing…

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Interior Design: Top Trends To Expect In 2017

With 2017 just around the corner, we decided to take a look at the most widely anticipated interior design trends of the New Year. Whether you’re building, buying or renovating a home, keeping an eye on what’s set to be hot can provide much needed inspiration and allow you to stay ahead of the game.…

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Luxury Homes: “Must-Have” Features Of The World’s Elite

Regardless of the rapidly-changing global political landscape, the world’s wealthy continue to invest in luxury property. Whether they’re upgrading existing homes or purchasing additional residences, they remain optimistic as Brexit rolls on and Donald Trump prepares to take over as President in the U.S. A recent report published by Luxury Property International found that around…

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How To Spot The Next Up-And-Coming Urban Area

Property investment in up-and-coming urban areas is an increasingly popular strategy that can achieve higher than average capital growth rates compared to normal house price rises. Identifying these areas in their early stages can be tricky though. There are, however, certain key indicators that make it possible to identify the next ‘hotspot’ in its fledgling…

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4 Eco-Friendly Modifications That Can Add Value To Your Home

Environmental upgrades at home are often perceived as being expensive to implement whilst offering poor returns on investment. There are, however, several eco-friendly modifications that can improve your carbon footprint, save you money and even add value to your home. 1. Insulation Earlier this year, Remodelling magazine released a report which quantified the return on…

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8 Buy-To-Let Locations To Consider In London Right Now

A recent survey carried out by Simply Business indicated that a majority of buy-to-let homeowners and investors prioritised rental yield over capital gains when considering their next investment. With this in mind, here are 8 London locations currently offering significant rental yields. 1. Chigwell Following my recent articles on How the night tube will impact…

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To Buy In London, Or Not To Buy In London?

Without a doubt, London is one of the best cities in the world to live in, but this comes at a premium, with the average property price now over £470,000 which will get you a 1-2 bedroom house if you’re lucky. This is more than double the average house price across the UK which is…

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10 Clever Ways To Add Value To Your Home

As a homeowner I’m sure you will have asked yourself “how do I add value to my property?”. We’re all conscious of the typical routes one might take, including renovations and even extensions however there are a few other less obvious treatments you could consider and which we’ve identified through our own efforts when it…

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How The Night Tube Will Impact London Property

After months of toing and froing, countless setbacks and enough strikes to make the late, great Bob Crow proud, the night tube has finally landed in London. August 19th marked the day in which London caught up with its metropolitan rivals New York and Berlin and answered the prayers of many a night owl, shift-worker…

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