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Affordable Luxury In London’s Zone 3

One of the great things about London is the way in which it is so perfectly structured. Our vast city is nothing more than a collection of small villages, seamlessly and organically pitched one by one next to each other; albeit in some places slightly more packed in and more densely populated. While we’re not…

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5 Growing Local Economies In London

1. Croydon The South London suburb that suffered the most at the hands of the 2011 summer riots some 5 years ago is now finally able to shake off some of its stigma. The arrival of the new Westfield shopping centre combined with the high levels of building construction in the area, not to mention…

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Summer Buying Incentives For London Property

London in August is a wonderful place to be. The roads are less busy, the trains aren’t as crammed, queues don’t bend around the streets and you can walk along without fear of someone treading on your heels, or without fear of treading on someone’s heels, depending on which type of Londoner you are. August…

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6 Of The Most Expensive Properties In London

The saying goes that ‘he who is bored of London, is bored of life.’ Pretty accurate, right? The sheer size of the city should be an indication of how much there is to see and do, before we’ve even mentioned it’s rich history and hugely diverse culture, the fact that is has the longest shopping…

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5 Exciting Property Developments In London

You’d have to be living under a pretty big rock to have not noticed that London has fast become one of the most desirable cities in Europe in which to reside. The presence of scaffolding on every other street, new builds appearing and as much work taking place above ground as below means there’s a…

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Why is Brexit a positive move for the UK property sector?

“The London market, as always, is likely to remain in its own impervious bubble despite the choice for Britain to leave. We’ve seen a few market wobbles since the results were announced, but they already seem to be starting to stabilise.” Russell Quirk, CEO of eMoov At Luxe Property Group, many of our friends and…

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A Year In The Life Of A Successful Property Developer

At Luxe Property Group, we’re pleased to have celebrated a very successful first year, witnessing rapid growth and being privileged to work on some exciting projects across London. After 12 years working in the property industry, the business was founded by myself on 16th July 2015 – we’ve since developed multiple properties, including one in…

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